We know the daredevils who will face each other in a ring fight AR vs VR


Let’s get ready to rumble! We now know the two daredevils who will face each other to advocate for one of their favorite technologies, and to prove which one of them is better: virtual or augmented reality?

This will be a turbulent discussion about which technology the future belongs to? Which of technologies will come into mass use? Which application can bring more benefits? What advantage does VR over AR have, and vice versa? Where is a bigger business potential to be found?

The advocate of AR is Piotr Baczyński, an innovator, entrepreneur, founder and head of Immersion, known for such projects as Truescale, an application enabling users to virtually furnish apartments. Who will face him?

In the opposite corner, as the advocate of VR, we will see Tomek Kopczuk, the CTO and founder of SwingDev, which for many years has been developing technologies for the largest Silicon Valley startups. Personally he is a fan of creating applications that raise emotions and encourage to play with the product they represent.

The debate will be divided into several thematic rounds, just like in the ring fight. With this slight difference that instead of fists, some serious arguments will be used.

The audience will decide which technology wins, and which one of the two spokesmen is more convincing. The ring will last 30 minutes.