Agenda: November 2017 WORKSHOPS


Day 1
23 Nov 2017
Day 2
24 Nov 2017


During the third European VR / AR Congress a pitching workshop is scheduled, where you will learn how to properly present your startup to investors and increase your chances of

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Damian Strzelczyk
Tomasz Jabłoński


Business Dating is a series of fast, 7-minute meetings with representatives of 10 investment funds. This will be a unique opportunity for startups to gain investor interest and receive valuable

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Video 360 workshops: How to create your first 360 production?

The workshops are addressed to anyone who wants to start experimenting with (or is already experimenting with) video 360. No experience is needed in this field, and people with some

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Louis Jebb

VR Audio Workshops: How to create a spatial audio experience?

During the last European VR Congress 2017 there was a unique talk about spatial audio. It turned out that VR audio is a rarely discussed topic. Few companies producing 360

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Mateusz ​​Tokarski
Jakub Korczyński

* The event organisers reserve the right to change the agenda.