How to conduct a crime scene investigation? Techniques using Virtual Reality

24 May 2017
13:30 - 15:00

How to conduct a crime scene investigation? Techniques using Virtual Reality

Organiser: Kozminski University in Warsaw

A new, interactive approach to teaching law has been implemented at Kozminski University. After putting on VR goggles, students are able to immerse themselves in the scene of a crime. The task of the students taking part in this educational game is to take on the role of investigator and secure all evidence at the crime scene using appropriate methods in the correct order, with the aid of tools to be found in the investigation kit.

The author of the scenario for this educational game is Dr Monika Całkiewicz, PhD, prorector of the Department of Penal Law at Kozminski. Professor Całkiewicz stresses that law is first and foremost a practical discipline, and introducing the future lawyer into a VR setting makes it possible to assess the knowledge of the student and use his or intuition in a realistic operation. During the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to gain knowledge about crime scene investigation that is normally transmitted to students through daily lectures, or even to feel like the heroes of CSI: Crime Scene Investigators, while trying to unravel the mystery of the sudden death of a lawyer…

Number of participants: 20 persons


  1. A brief introduction to operating the program – information about the educational assumptions of the game
  2. Virtual investigation of the crime scene – conducted using freeze-frame, with continuous commentary from the instructor
  3. Conclusion – finding an answer to the question of whether a homicide took place, a suicide, or an unfortunate accident

Duration – 90 minutes


Participants of the workshop will be transported to the offices of a lawyer to secure the scene and evidence, thanks to which they will be able to establish the circumstances that lead to the death. All fans of CSI are sure to already know how to conduct a crime scene investigation. During the workshop however, it may turn out that TV series are not always an accurate representation of reality. Overlooking a single clue may have disastrous consequences for determining the nature of the situation, and if it is determined that a crime took place, missing evidence may make it impossible to determine the perpetrator. The workshop offers an accessible way to become familiar with the tactics of conducting a crime scene investigation, and with principles of using information obtained in such a manner. The participants of the workshop will understand what the work of the prosecutor and police at the scene of the event involves.


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Workshops will be held in Polish.