Poland’s Virtual Reality – the documentary

Organizers of the European VR/AR Congress have a surprise for participants of the networking evening that will be the culmination of the event’s first day. At this afterparty the documentary film “Poland’s Virtual Reality” by Wojciech Szczerba and Dawid Grzesik from Filmvision Studio will be projected for the very first time.

For some, Virtual Reality is just a technological curiosity, for others it’s a tool and a breeze of “tomorrow’s technology”. Some even say VR is a speculative bubble, which in the long run is not entitled to exist. So what exactly is Virtual Reality? Creators of the documentary asked marketing, business and entertainment experts about this. The answer was sought also by content creators, technology market observers, investors and entrepreneurs and most of all, those who already use VR successfully in their work, business model, and even social life.

This film does not focus on the technology itself. It puts human in the center instead, in the midst of a new medium, telling about its potential for society, opportunities, threats and current applications.

According to the authors of the film – Dawid Grzesik and Wojciech Szczerba – the topic is interesting not only from the point of view of technological development, but also as a phenomenon we are witnessing – the next step on the way to digitization – and not only of the world around us, but also of ourselves by using avatars that represent us in virtual dimensions. “VR allows for very high levels of immersion in this virtual world. You can definitely compare this to entering into another dimension!”.

The results of works by Wojciech Szczerba and David Grzesik will be projected for the first time on 23 November, during the afterparty at the end of the first European VR / AR Congress. Networking evening is scheduled for 8PM at the Agora headquarters, Czerska str. 8/10 in Warsaw.