List of the exhibitors


Star Wars: Jedi Challenges – augmented reality Lenovo goggles at European VR/AR Congress

Lenovo is entering a completetely new technology segment: AR and VR. Star Wars: Jedia Challenges is a based on Star Wars themes new augmented reality product which will bring fans of the series unparalleled sensations. This product works with both Android and iPhone smartphones. Facing the challenges, users can practice their skills in the light-sword battles, dealing with the most sinister figures of the dark forces, commanding armies in battles against the Empire, and outwitting opponents from the Holos.
In its portfolio, Lenovo also has w VR / Mixed Reality product. Working as goggles to a mixed reality in Windows, the Lenovo Explorer goggle are a natural extension of the PC and allow users of compatible laptops and PCs to do their favorite things in even more fun ways: watch TV programs in a virtual home or office environment, VR games, holographic world travelling, watch 360 videos in 3D with 4K resolution, browse the web and even work in Microsoft Office.

Lenovo is a leader in innovative technology for the individual and business user as well as large businesses. Its offer includes personal computers, workstations, servers, massive storage, and mobile products such as smartphones and tablets.



Spectral Games company was founded by people with long-standing, well-established experience in international projects. The company specializes in developing games and mobile applications based on augmented and virtual reality. Rich experience in this business has contributed to the broadening of the offer for the implementation of enhanced reality technology in applications for industry. Spectral Games has been spotted by companies such as Google, History Channel, Mattel, which have entrusted Spectral Games with creating applications on their behalf.

Research and development are the keys to success of Spectral Games. The company is implementing a project that aims to create an innovative symbol language that will replace the traditional user interface. In addition, Spectral Games systematically cooperates with higher education institutions to teach and employ the most talented graduates. Company employees are certified Google testers and provide mentoring support within ARP Games.

During the VR / AR European Congress, Spectral Games S.A. will present the AR solution dedicated to Microsoft Hololens for easy installation and servicing of devices and machines.


VR Factory

VR FACTORY specialises in creating business applications and games using the technology of virtual and augmented reality for such platforms as: HTC VIVE, Oculus, Microsoft VR/MR, PS4 VR, Mobile VR/AR)
Games and applications with so-called “mission”, which are not only entertainment, but bring this special “it” to one’s awareness and expand knowledge of the user/player.
Having advertising resources lets VR FACTORY create the complete product – from the concept through the production and ending on advertisement and sales support.
During VR/AR European Congress, VR FACTORY will present Bartender VR Simulator – first in the world simulator of bartender work created in cooperation with six times world champion of bartending Tomasz Małek, offering unique combination of a simulator, bartending course and VR game with the highest level of immersion.
The premiere for HTC VIVE and Oculus is planned for October 2017. The game will be available in the following stores: Steam Store, Oculus Store and VIVE Port.
Currently besides a few B2B applications, VR FACTORY is working on next three VR games, which will premiere in January, February and May 2018.



Hyperbook is a Polish brand which produces top-tier computer hardware. Our goal is to offer the most powerful and efficient notebooks for entertainment and business. Our best models are as powerful as regular desktop PCs while still being mobile. Based on our customer’s request we can offer customized solutions such as customized logo on laptop chassis, polished cooling system for additional performance and many more. Building computers is not only our job, it’s our passion.




Hyperbook Studio is an independent development studio from Polish brand Hyperbook. Our team creates games and applications using virtual (VR), augmented (AR) and mixed reality (MR) technology. Our experience together with innovative solutions helps us deliver unforgettable impressions during shows and events that we organize. We sincerely invite you to our stand, where you will be able to experience unique emotions and where we will let you test our latet productions Hyper Arena VR and REGENESIS Arcade. Hyper Aren VR is multiplayer game and a real revolution in terms of VR games. You will find there a mixture of sport and e-sport where such qualities as slickness, quickness and form matter most. The game requires many players to participate, who then fight with special discs on a virtual arena. The game offers a wide system of creating and personalizing the player, special skills and many other options. The game is played online, real time and in the presence of public.

More information: http://hyperbookstudio.com/hyperarenavr/

REGENESIS Arcade is a dynamic VR action game using advanced physics, based in the futuristic vision of the world taken over by different fractions of robots. In order to survive, the player has to fight against a hord of opponents. He has unique types of weapons to his disposal (including gravity weapon – weapon that uses physics in the game) and different sets of skills that can be earned on different points of the game.

More information: http://hyperbookstudio.com/regenesis/




Skanska, as a modern company and the leader in the construction-development industry, uses modern solutions in order to offer the clients, workers and business partners the best quality of work. One of the elements which support these activities is the use of VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) to cooperate with the client, designer, in operational work at various project’s life cycle phases. We will show the following at our stand:

– the first visualization of Generation Park Investition in the Hololens technology, which is the first such visualization in Poland
– how you can provide informational trainings/exams in virtual reality (HTC Vive)
– how we take a walk on site with a 360 camera
– how we visualize apartment interiors (HTC Vive + Enscape)

See you there!